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No matter what level of experience your company has with M&S  AweSim has a solution:

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Your Experience Level AweSim Solutions
Curious / Inquisitive
  • You know of M&S , but are not using it.
  • You are required by customers to use M&S .
  • Your competitors are using M&S .
  • You are using CAD , CAM , PLM , or ERP software.
Discovery Engagement Program

Learn how Modeling & Simulation can help your business.

Example client engagement:
We provide a pilot feasibility study for a startup company's product concept.
Example cost estimates:
$5,000 (expert consultants) + $1,000 ( HPC resources)
Enlightened / Engaged
  • You make some use of M&S .
  • You are looking to offer additional services.
  • You are expanding beyond spec manufacturing.
  • You are seeking custom workflows/apps.
Project Consultants

Get help on your M&S project from our community of M&S experts.

Example client engagement:
We provide ongoing access for multiphysics analysis of device design iterations.
Example cost estimates:
$400/month ( HPC resources) + $100/hour (Software)
Fully Engaged / A Power User
  • You make significant use of M&S
  • You are interested in the latest M&S tools.
  • You are looking for better M&S services.
  • You want to engage suppliers in M&S .
Product Apps and Software

Get started right away using commercial apps and software.

Example client engagement:
We provide resources for you to run a sophisticated 4-month aerodynamic analysis project.
Example cost estimates:
$85,000 ( HPC resources)

AweSim Experts


AltaSim has extensive experience in solving a multitude of complex engineering problems across a broad range of technologies, including:


Cresttek LLC, USA, is part of ALTEN Group of Companies, the European leader in engineering and technology consulting, provides support for its clients’ development strategies in the fields of innovation, R&D and IT


Engineering Mechanics Corporation of Columbus (Emc²) is an employee-owned engineering research and development consulting company focused on materials, structural integrity and reliability of complex systems. We provide high quality engineering services and products that are innovative and responsive to our clients’ schedule and budgetary requirements.

Kinetic Vision

Kinetic Vision is a commercial Research & Development lab that solves tough product development challenges using Modeling & Simulation, Imaging & Analysis, and Software Development.


TECHeGO is a full-service strategic consulting firm specializing in data science, workflow architecture, and business process management.


TotalSim is a full-service CFD consulting group that provides expert knowledge and insight to help their customers outperform the competition. They have extensive experience in solving a multitude of complex engineering problems across a broad range of industries.