The Case for Virtual Design

Designers and engineers using computer-aided design regularly seek more detail in their simulations and models in order to:

  • Improve designs
  • Simplify complex systems
  • Reduce prototyping time & costs

This requires larger investments of domain-specific knowledge, specialized software and computational resources. All of this can be facilitated by modeling and simulation applications (M&S apps) based on high-performance computing (HPC).

Featured App

AM Therm SIM

Logo: AM Therm SIM

This application simulates the transient thermal history of the Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing process for a range of geometries, materials and laser beam parameters.

Featured App


FSAE Sim App logo

The FSAE Sim App gives students designing Formula SAE cars the ability to easily perform Aerodynamic analysis on their designs using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations in a "Virtual Wind Tunnel".

Featured App


HeatSinkSim logo

HeatSinkSim solves the heat transfer problem for a vertically oriented, plate fin heat sink operating under natural convection.

Featured App

FSAE Structure Optimizer

FSAE Structure Optimizer logo

FSAE Structure Optimizer gives students designing Formula SAE cars the ability to easily perform topology optimization on their designs.

Featured App


Transmission3d is a 3-dimensional, multi-body gear contact analysis software capable of modeling complex gear systems developed by Ansol (Advanced Numeric Solutions). Multiple gear types, including: Helical, Straight Bevel, Spiral Bevel, Hypoids, Beveloids and Worms can be modeled. Multiple bearing types, as well as complex shafts, carriers and housings can also be modeled with the software. A variety of output data options including tooth bending stress, contact patterns, and displacement are also available.



SPRSIM simulates the behavior of surface plasmons propagating at the interface between two materials for the two commonly used configurations for plasmon excitation: the Kretschmann-Raether and Otto configurations.

Data Center Cooling

Data Center Cooling App logo

Data Center Cooling App provides easy-to-use thermal analysis for any datacenter layout and configuration.


ParaView App screenshot

ParaView is an open source, multi-platform data analysis and visualization application. ParaView users can quickly build visualizations to analyze their data using qualitative and quantitative techniques.

Blender Rendering

Leverage the processing power of HPC to render single or multi-frame blender scenes.



QUENCHSIM solves the time dependent heat transfer analysis of a component taken from a furnace and quenched with air fans. You can import a CAD file of the component into the analysis; heat transfer occurs through convection, conduction and radiation.


EMMirrorSIM App logo

EMMirrorSIM calculates the reflectance of a dielectric mirror consisting of a number of identical dielectric bi-layers with high and low refractive indices.

Fixed-Wing UAV

Fixed-Wing UAV App logo

Fixed-Wing UAV app provides flow-field prediction capability for fixed-wing UAV designs of any scale and configuration.


FlowBench App logo

FlowBench App allows users to run their geometry through a “virtual flow bench” and measure the flow rate or pressure drop through the device.


VFT App logo

Allows designers to predict and weld distortion and residual stress. Weld design strategies can be used to control or eliminate these undesirable states prior to fabrication. Fatigue, stress corrosion cracking, and fracture design can be made.

Automotive Concept

Automotive Concept logo

Automotive Concept App provides drag prediction capability for external vehicle simulations of automotive applications.


PeltierSIM App logo

PeltierSIM simulates the thermo-electric behavior for the conversion of heat into electricity or electricity into heat and is described by three related mechanisms: the Seebeck, Peltier and Thomson effects.


BolometerSIM logo

BolometerSIM solves the thermo-electric problem of an infra-red bolometer device. Incident radiation causes a temperature rise in a thermally insulated conducting absorber mounted on an insulating dielectric heat sink.

Oakley Remote Desktop

Annie Oakley storefront sign

The OSC Oakley Remote Desktop provides a remote desktop to a graphical processing unit (GPU) visualization node on the Oakley cluster at the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC).


HVAC App logo

Optimize your heating, ventilation or air conditioning system by analyzing its flow-field, heat transfer and contaminant distribution characteristics with HVAC App.

Marine App

Marine App logo

Marine App allows users to perform ship drag and trim analysis using high fidelity, 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Axial Fan

Axial Fan logo

Axial Fan App generates high-fidelity performance predictions for uploaded fan designs across the entire fan curve.

Truck Add-on

Truck Add-on App logo

Truck Add-on App allows users to simulate the drag-reduction effects of a variety of fuel-saving truck and trailer attachments, including skirts, boat-tails, wheel covers and underbody devices.


MieSIM App logo

MieSIM solves Maxwell’s equations for scattering of electromagnetic radiation by spherical dielectric particles and provides the basis for measuring the size of particles in the atmosphere, oil droplet in water, and cell nuclei in biological systems.


ANSYS logo

ANSYS provides complete solutions for finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dyanmics (CFD) modeling, simulation, and visualization.

Container Fill SIM

Container Fill SIM App logo

FillSim applies OpenFOAM® computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate the filling of a container with a fluid using a simple web portal user interface hosted at the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC).

Abaqus Remote Desktop

Abaqus Remote Desktop logo

Abaqus Remote Desktop product provides the user with a remote desktop session running Abaqus/CAE from your web browser.


μWaveSIM App logo

μWaveSIM solves the heat transfer problem associated with an electromagnetic field inside a cavity containing a single waveguide.