Welcome to AweSim

What is AweSim?

AweSim provides businesses with competitive solutions for simulation-driven design. We help to automate the prototyping process and provide affordable, accessible, and scalable M&S on HPC via:

  • Online modeling and simulation apps and tools

  • Educational materials and training courses

  • Industry-specific expertise and consultants

AweSim is a program of the Ohio Supercomputer Center, who along with M&S industry experts are pioneering the field of M&S -as-a-service.

Why Modeling & Simulation?

Designers and engineers who use common CAD or CAE software on desktop computers often encounter limitations in the modeling and simulation they can efficiently perform. Examples of these limits are:

  • low virtual model fidelity compared to the physical reality

  • long design cycles that depend on overnight computational processing

High-Performance Computing (HPC) provides an improvement in computational capacity compared to typical general-purpose computers. The increased power and speed that HPC provides allows more detailed models to be simulated faster.


We Make Modeling & Simulation Accessible

Some businesses have embraced simulation-driven design, but many are disadvantaged because they cannot afford such solutions. We level the playing field, giving more companies easy access to technology, knowledge, and expertise. AweSim services allow for the rapid development of customized M&S applications and solutions, which in turn enable companies to more quickly address emerging customer requirements. You don’t have to become a modeling expert for your business to capitalize on the power of simulation-driven design.

What are the Bottom-line Benefits?

Simulation-driven design with M&S on HPC replaces physical product prototyping with less expensive computer simulations, which reduces the time to take products to market, improves quality, and cuts costs.

Manufacturing Time Savings

  • Reduce the number of design make-break cycles

  • Analyze 3D models in minutes instead of hours

  • Produce better products more cost-effectively