How Does Industry Use Modeling & Simulation With High Performance Computing?

Businesses can model and simulate issues related to many areas of concern:

Example Business Issues

  • Air Flow
  • Device Lifecycle
  • Electrical Efficiency
  • Ergonomics
  • Fuel Economy
  • Welding Distortion
  • Liquid Flow
  • Machining Forces
  • Machining Speed
  • Packaging Design
  • Plant Layout
  • Product Strength
  • Shipping Costs

Corresponding M&S Solutions

  • Dust Minimization
  • Tool Wear Prediction
  • Circuit Modeling
  • Product Usability Evaluation
  • Drag Force Computation
  • Fixture Design
  • Container Filling Visualization
  • Forming Die Design
  • Tool Path Calculation
  • Material Properties Analysis
  • Workflow Assessment
  • Drop-Crush Test
  • Logistics Optimization

A Variety of Real Benefits Across Industries

Quality Control
Plastic producer verified a pallet design change would not impact performance, securing over $12 million in additional customer orders.
Product Rework
Construction Equipment manufacturer improved the welding process for a motor grader drawbar, saving $1 million annually.
Material Usage
Home Appliance maker optimized the design of a refrigerator cabinet, resulting in a 10% savings in materials cost.
Machine Setup
Packaging company reconfigured plastic bucket tooling with a cost savings of 23% and in 10 weeks less time.
Manufacturing Efficiency
Optical Systems Engineering business reduced the manufacturing cycle time of an injection-molded lens by 64%.

The Power of Innovation Across Industries

AweSim helps businesses in a wide range of industries leverage the power of modeling and simulation as shown in the following case studies:

awesim_icons_P_advmanAdvanced Manufacturing

SimApp Analyses

The development of the BWAY-specific app dramatically cuts down on the production cycle and the use of physical testing. Whereas in the past, the trialand-error process was lengthy and expensive, the simulation method allows the team to hone in on one, maybe two, physical molds that will accurately produce the desired product.

The result has been that SimApps have made time to market incredibly faster and the savings of their testing process anywhere from $5,000 to $40,000 on a given product.

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awesim_icons_P_advmanAdvanced Manufacturing

Valve Spring Simulation

Thanks to the results provided through modeling and simulation and a quick turnaround, the Clippard team was able to make changes in their computer translation to correct the issue and manufacture a better product. Since the valve solution, Clippard has developed new methods to measure their material surface, improving processes from initial computational design to the finished product. According to Robertson, modeling and simulation has saved the team valuable time and resources.

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awesim_icons_P_advmanAdvanced Manufacturing

Welding Simulation

Emc² and AweSim have worked to develop a VFT app that uses simpler point-and-click methodology. This allows non-specialists to access and use the app, which could significantly reduce or eliminate undesirable outcomes prior to fabrication and avoid costly design changes after fabrication. Also, Emc² and Ohio Supercomputer Center/AweSim have teamed up to do workshops that help fabricators learn how to use the app.

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Aerospace & AviationAerospace & Aviation

Ceramic Components

Since no routine design tool was available, AltaSim created their own predictive computational modeling and simulation tool specifically for the CMC manufacturing process. However, it required advanced computer software and HPC-based hardware. To make it more accessible, AltaSim partnered with AweSim to develop an online manufacturing app version of the tool. Not only does this meet the demands of engineers in the aviation industry, but the app opens the door for small- and medium-sized businesses who may also be interested in using CMCs. The app makes CMC product design accessible for non-expert users, furthering the development of intelligent interfaces around a common framework.

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App Eco-Structure

"We've had a long relationship with OSC. It's one of the reasons we've stayed in central Ohio and grown our business here."


Ray Leto


TotalSim US

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Education Innovation

The Formula SAE app is easy to use and allows young engineers to experiment with designs and learn how to be an aerodynamicist without getting bogged down in code. This virtual wind tunnel allows each student to get anywhere between 10 and 30 runs per semester and gain critical information in a quick turnaround, sometimes as quick as 24 hours. That information not only is valuable to fine tune the car immediately, but gives future team members valuable information.

For TotalSim, it’s also a great way to get the app in the hands of real users who can beta test it and provide instant feedback on how well the platform works.

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Racing Behavior

A series of 46 simulations generated 500 gigabytes of data. The study yielded important clues on a myriad of racing and competition-related issues, such as drag advantage, cornering performance, underbody downforce deficit and sideforce loss. This information is a goldmine.

The money spent for us on CFD saves us money in the long term because when we go to the wind tunnel, or we go to the track, we’re already 90 percent sure that we’re going down the right path.
Eric Jacuzzi
Aerodynamics and Vehicle Performance Engineer
R&D Center, NASCAR


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Injection-molded Lens Protection

Greenlight Optics was able to model thermal properties involved in producing an injection-molded lens used for collimating LED light. With the Moldex3D, they were able to accurately predict a problem with the lens and subsequently reduced the manufacturing cycle time by 64 percent.

The advanced capability could allow Greenlight to partner with more high-tech U.S. companies, thereby improving the competitiveness of these companies. The reduction in cycle time to produce the lens allowed Greenlight to keep a production job that was going to be made in China. The company’s advancement in plastic optics molding capability enabled by simulation will fuel sustainable growth.

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Innovative Answers

"You really need to develop simulations specific to a group’s needs. You need a platform, a way to deliver those efficiently. AweSim put all the pieces together to support somebody at a small enterprise to use sophisticated HPC software for getting better, cheaper, faster results in one stop."

Don Bretl

Associate Director for Modeling and Simulation

Procter & Gamble

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Energy & PetrochemicalsEnergy & Petrochemicals

Fuel Cell Modeling

Through a partnership with AweSim, LG Fuel Cell Systems Inc. (LGFCS) has been running the larger MPC models on the Ohio Supercomputer Systems, running in parallel using between 12 and 96 cores. A wide range of simulations have been run, from highly detailed models of electrochemistry and SOFC design to models of the peripheral components inside the LGFCS system. Multi-cell simulations run with help from AweSim have been used for a variety of purposes, including verifying on-design operation, analyzing off-design transients and performing analysis of new designs and operating modes.

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Energy & PetrochemicalsEnergy & Petrochemicals

Semiconductor Optimization

By using high performance computing to process these large data models, First Solar is able to continute innovating in advanced technologies that lower electric costs, increase energy yield and provide stable and reliable grid integration. Through First Solar’s research and development, their large-scale solar farms can deliver energy to utilities at prices that are lower than fossil fuels.

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Food Processing & AgribusinessFood Processing & Agribusiness

Consumer Product R & D

[P&G uses] this rocket-science supercomputing for everyday products: to see whether formulations separate, that diapers fit on babies, how shampoos dispense, whether a razor breaks when you drop it, how tanks of toothpaste mix, how machines run and how they’re scheduled.
Tom Lange
Retired director of modeling and simulation


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Information TechnologyInformation Technology

Big Data

"[The OSC staff members] are extremely knowledgeable and very capable of understanding customer requirements, even when jobs are super scaled. Their support and enthusiasm for projects of this nature are outstanding."

Norman Kutemporer


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Information TechnologyInformation Technology

Cloud Computing Solution

The benefits for both sides of the AweSim-Rescale partnership are a no-brainer and the solution was turn-key. The connections Rescale has forged have resulted in an offering of more than 120 different software packages to date. Through the AweSim partnership alone, users have logged over 45,000 core hours through the Rescale platform. The HPC infrastructure provided through AweSim coupled with Rescale’s intuitive and consolidated cloud platform enables engineers and scientists to leverage cloud resources to fully explore their design space and develop better products.

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Information TechnologyInformation Technology

Data Classification

"I don't know if we'd be at the point where we are now in the same period if we hadn't had the Ohio Supercomputer Center."

Hareesh Menon

Software Developer


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Information TechnologyInformation Technology

E-commerce Marketplace

There’s a major difference between what we have done [in e-commerce] and what’s generically available out there. Ours is not static.
Bob Graybill
President and CEO
Nimbis Services Inc.

Nimbis is already pushing ahead on its next challenge – developing cloud-based collaborative communities of interest with embedded marketplaces targeting manufacturing supply chains, DoD trusted microelectronics and collaborative research institutes initiatives.

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Information TechnologyInformation Technology

Finite Element Analysis

ANSOL’s proposal to NASA was to create a new computational method for generating the data needed to create decision-making strategies for condition-based monitoring algorithms that can differentiate between a healthy system or a defective or damaged system. The only means available for this currently are physical testing, which is expensive and time-consuming.

It’s going to allow us to do things that were simply not possible before. Once this works out, there will be a lot of projects coming from our existing customers.
Sandeep Vijayaker, Ph.D.


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Custom Modifications

Though it took a frightening situation to spur Jeco Plastic Products to jump into HPC, the company has now demonstrated its ability to use HPC modeling and simulation, which has helped pave the way for lucrative projects with major aerospace, automotive and joint product development projects. Those projects include a multi-year contract with annual orders of $2.5 million during the next five to 10 years along with 15 more jobs and a capital investment of more than $500,000.

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