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Engineering Mechanics Corporation of Columbus (Emc²) is an employee-owned engineering research and development consulting company focused on materials, structural integrity and reliability of complex systems. We provide high quality engineering services and products that are innovative and responsive to our clients’ schedule and budgetary requirements. Emc² nurtures creativity, continually invests in staff development and new technologies, and collaborates with our clients to assemble the best combination of experts to solve critical problems for the commercial and governmental communities we serve.

Structural & Pipeline Integrity

  • Residual stress effects on fracture, stress-corrosion cracking, and fatigue
  • Extensive Implicit and explicit analysis experience
  • 3D dynamic pipe fracture and 3D crack propagation modeling
  • Extremely low-cycle fatigue crack growth assessment based on ‘Dowling’ ▲J approach (nuclear plant seismic assessment)
  • AFEA natural crack shape modeling during growth

Weld Modeling

  • Weld residual stress/distortion/microstructure simulations
  • Weld fracture in the heat-affect zone (HAZ) and local brittle zone (LBZ)
  • Hydrogen cracking and stress corrosion cracking of welded structures
  • Numerical simulation of welding and other joining processes
  • Models developed for nozzles in pressure vessels, girth welds and repair welds
  • Process modeling – modeling fabrication process using mathematics based numerical tools

Probabilistic Mechanics and Risk Analysis

  • Probabilistic load modeling
  • Probabilistic Mechanics analysis
  • Damage tolerant analysis
  • Structural integrity (metallic and composite)
  • Risk Assessment

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Allows designers to predict and weld distortion and residual stress. Weld design strategies can be used to control or eliminate these undesirable states prior to fabrication. Fatigue, stress corrosion cracking, and fracture design can be made.

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