Getting Started with Awesim

Signing up for an AweSim management account gives your team access to the computational resources hosted by the portal.  After you setup your organization, you can invite additional users to your team by email.  Team members don't have to use this signup form themselves.

Step 1:  Fill out the Sign Up Form 

Fill out and submit the sign up form at Read and agree to the terms of the Sign-up Agreement (on-site link provided) by checking the box and click the Sign Up button at the button. If you are interested in a particular product, please mention it in the signup form. A subset of the available products are advertised at


Step 2: Receive your account approval

Wait at least one business day for OSC (Ohio Supercomputer Center) to verify and create your OSC account. Send any questions to
You will receive an email with your registration approval. It will contain your OSC username that you will use to log in to AweSim. It will also contain instructions for setting up your password. Here is an example of the email that you will receive:


Step 3: Follow instructions from email and initiate OSC log in (reset password request)

An email from will be sent with link to reset your password.

This link will redirect you to OSC's HPC User portal.

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Forgot your Password" (underneath login button)
  3. Enter your OSC username (from email) and press "Reset Password" button

You will then be sent an email with password setup directions.


Step 4: Reset password instructions

Access OSC's HPC User portal "Reset Password" page at from the link provided in the email. Please enter and confirm your new password, then click Change Password. Be sure to meet the password requirements. You will see a message appear at the top of your screen indicating your password has been reset and to please allow one to three minutes for this change to occur throughout the system before attempting to log in.


Step 5: Log into OSC's HPC User portal with your username and password, validate your profile, and agree to Code of Ethics for Site Use

After waiting approximately three minutes for the new password to propagate the system, proceed with login at


After you have verified your profile contains the correct information, log out of OSC's HPC User portal and return to

Step 6: Log into AweSim Portal with new credentials provided by OSC

You can log in to the AweSim Portal via the link at the top-right of the AweSim website, or you can connect directly to


Step 7: Use Selected Product

Return to your dashboard and you will see the products you are registered and authorized to use. If the product you want to use is not available, please contact