Alan Chalker, Director of AweSim, discusses what the program offers to industry clients and how they can benefit.




Bill Feiereisen from Intel discusses the reality of how two components- Use Cases & Workforce Development enable small businesses/companies yield great results through Simulation and Modeling with High Performance Computing offered at OSC/AweSim.




AweSim is Ohio Supercomputing Center's latest industrial engagement effort to provide comprehensive modeling & simulation solutions to help small- and mid-sized businesses compete.

Intel's Bill Feiereisen and P&G's Tom Lange discuss the advantages of AweSim.




Tom Lange from Proctor & Gamble reveals the importance and uniqueness of OSC/AweSim as a complete eco-system providing network speed and high performance computing all in a secure environment with competitive market rates.





Ray Leto from TotalSim speaks to the benefit of utilizing the OSC/Awesim infrastructure and expert staff to achieve great results for small- to mid-sized business projects.





Watch the power of Modeling & Simulation.

Simulation of wind-drag on the modeled semi truck.

JUST AweSim!

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